Tumulla Bank + Plus - 4429 is running light engine through Tarana to its new home at Bathurst depot on a clear summer afternoon - the shadows slowly lengthen as the day subsides.

Joppa Junction + Plus - 1307 and CCA car gets ready to depart Yass Town to connect with the Riverina Express.

Joppa Junction + Plus - 3802 slows the Up Sydney - Melbourne Daylight Express for its stop at Yass Junction.

Joppa Junction + Plus - A Garratt hauled Up Wheat train clanks slowly through Fish River.

Joppa Junction + Plus - D57 on a 'steelie' to Victoria pauses at Yass Junction for water.

Joppa Junction + Plus - The Boorowa daily mixed in charge of a 32 class is ready to return to Harden.